Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Little Trip to the Monthly Card Show

Hey everyone, last weekend we had our monthly card show at the Radisson here in Colorado Springs. It's a pretty small show, with one or two big vendors. One of them has one of the nicest vintage collections I've seen and he's a great and friendly guy. The other big vendor tends to have the "big" modern cards like the Ruth I picked up a couple months ago. Anyways, nothing too big this time around. I found a vendor with a dime box or two and I spent $1.00 on this:
A 2000 Bagwell from Fleer eX, a nice green parallel of Hunter Pence from Platinum. Springer and Altuve inserts. A nice Arian Foster insert and JJ Watt base that I didn't have. A Roberto Osuna mini from Bowman chrome as well as a blue parallel Brad Peacock from his A's days. I couldn't pass on the 93 Warren Moon acetate. Finally, a dual rookie of a couple of Mets who ended up in Astros unis: Joe Smith and Carlos Gomez! Also, screw Carlos Gomez.

Next up, I found a table with $1.00 cards that were 7 for $5.
A trio of Carlos Correa cards I didn't have (or can't find!). A nice 1968 Topps HR leaders with Aaron, the Toy Cannon, Santo and McCovey. What a great card for less than a buck! Snagged a nice Verlander rookie from Fleer Tradition, and a Dallas Keuchel rookie (sans beard) from Bowman Chrome. Finally, a /150 1st Bowman Chrome of the newest Astros OF, Michael Brantley. I'd have been perfectly happy leaving the show with all those cards for just $6 but I made it to a table with these beauts and I couldn't resist:
National Card Day 2017 Yuli rookie auto /175 for $10, absolutely. Jeff Bagwell from Legacies of Baseball (woefully underrated set IMO) for $20? Sign me up? Throw in the Hakeem/Drexler /25 patches for $15, don't mind if I do. Overall, a highly successful trip to the card show for yours truly.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Nice patches on that Olajuwan/Drexler card. I was just watching a video about their battle against the Magic back in the 90's.

  2. Congrats on picking up some nice-looking cards, especially when you can get vintage cards for less than a buck!

  3. Verlander RC for $1 ?!!!!!!!!! That thing is a fiver at any table around here.