Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hall of Fame Thoughts

Well, the HOF was announced today... and I'm very ok with it. Nothing too shocking or to get too excited about. Mariano getting in via unanimous vote is a little shocking. I really feel like if anyone was going to get in that way, it would have been Ken Griffey Jr. But no shock a Yankee gets the unanimous vote. I guess some guys who refused to place a vote for any 1st ballot either changed their mind or submitted a no-name ballot.

As for Mike Mussina, he's the only one I'd have any real heart burn about - but I can't be anywhere as mad about him as I'll ALWAYS be about HAROLD FREAKIN' BAINES. Sorry Harold, you are not a HOF'er. The modern day committee made a huge mistake there, but that's what happens when you get some of your cronies on the committee.

Edgar, I really feel he was undervalued throughout his career and I'm glad a true and great DH made it in before David Ortiz gets there.

As for my Astros, Oswalt and Berkman didn't fare too well - I think Berkman has a shot some day if we can get a few Astros cronies on the modern day committee. ;)

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Counterpoint: Yes Harold is. Deal with it.

  2. The results didn't surprise me much, though seeing Edgar get in does give some hope that people will look at the player and his accomplishments relative to the time that he played. Love him or hate him, I maintain that Bonds is a Hall of Famer (even if you discount any of years of suspected steriod use).

    1. I absolutely agree, Bonds and Clemens both are HOFers regardless of any suspected/confirmed/admitted use. I foresee both of them eventually making it in, Sosa and McGwire will have a much tougher path at this point.

  3. I'm happy for Mariano and his unanimous vote. It's about flippin' time. Honestly this should have happened decades ago. How do voters leave guys like Mays, Williams, Aaron, and Ruth off their ballots?