Saturday, January 19, 2019

About that trade bait...

Well, I USED to have a lot of trade bait... here's a fun story about going to a card show with three shoeboxes of trade bait in hand. Sometimes, you find someone who wants a huge chunk of it. Today, that's exactly what happened. I'll admit that this dealer probably came out a just a bit ahead of me in terms of overall value, however I now have a couple of cards I absolutely love and I'm not having to carry around three boxes of trade bait to ever trade night and card show I go to. Most of the cards I traded away were under $2 in value, a smattering of cards worth $10-20 and only one card that would fetch in the $75-100 range. So what did I get? Behold:
Biggio, Bagwell and Altuve triple relic auto /36! This was the much "lower" end card of the two I received and I absolutely freakin' love it. Three of my favorite Astros of all time, all on one card and great signatures.

The other card? Well, it's pretty freakin' awesome too:
6-relic Babe Ruth /25 from Topps Sterling 2010. Wow, this thing is amazing and it's now right center stage in my PC, on the shelf with my other HOF'er autographs/relics. I've always wanted to add a nice higher end Babe Ruth, but other than getting lightning in a bottle I didn't have a lot of hope of that ever happening by opening packs. I traded away dozens of cards I've pulled over the years, but in the end I have a card I reallllllly wanted.

So, I am down to one box of trade bait, and it's rather limited tbh, but here's to growing it back up again! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very nice! I did something similar in the early 2000s - traded away a couple hundred lower end cards and got a Jim Brown rookie in return. He came out ahead, for sure, but I still have the Brown and only remember two of the cards that I traded away. I don't regret it at all.

    I also "sold out" at the end of a card show in August. With that I got from the lot of cards, I purchased two T206s. I don't regret that one either.


  2. The Biggio/Bagwell/Altuve card is amazing! Looks like you made the right choice for you!

  3. I think you made the right choice as well. I mean if somebody was willing to trade me a couple of big-time cards for almost all of my unwanted stuff... I'd be all over that deal!

  4. Have no idea what cards you gave up, but my dream is to trade a bunch of cheap cards for one or two really nice cards. Congratulations! Both of those cards are awesome!

  5. Two incredible cards there. Congrats on adding them to your collection! In sports, they always say that whoever got the best player won the trade. I'd say the same goes for sports cards.

  6. Those are some awesome cards. I'll trade in someone else's favor all day long if I can get something that I really want. Congrats!