Sunday, June 10, 2018

Amazing What You Find

So I've been cleaning up my card desk, sorting and stowing away cards. As I started through a stack of cards that I received months and months ago from a personal box break from BigHits in Alabama, I came across a card I had forgotten about. Here's the front:
Richie Ashburn from 2013 Panini Golden Age. Black border, nice looking card. What's the big deal? Well, check out the back!
Well that'll open your eyes on a Sunday morning! 1 OF 1 mini! We really liked the Golden Age products around here because it had a good mix of sports and Hollywood, we never knew what "hits" we'd get between us. If there are any Phillies fans out there, let me know if you're up for a trade.

Speaking of trades, I'm desperate to move this massive pile of trade bait, but I'm not getting a lot of offers. I'm feeling tempted to ship it all off to COMC, but want to hear about your experiences with it. Is it worth it? Let me know you're thoughts/experiences/opinions. Thanks everyone.

Monday, June 4, 2018

eBay Driving Me INSANE

So, my goal was to get some cards listed on eBay tonight, and while I got all the pictures taken, prepped and ready to go. However, eBay isn't cooperating. So, rather than post them for sale, I'll throw the pictures up here and see if anyone has any interest.
 Where are my Yankees fans at?
 Mr. Harmon Killebrew! HOF Vintage, how about that?
Future HOF'er Jeter in his RC glory! Yes, it's 7.5 but I understand this is one of the harder cards to get a good grade on, and is probably in the $125-150 range.
The Acetate cards are very hard to take pictures of. Should have gone with a solid white background. My bad. But it's a Cal auto /50!
You've seen this one before, but I decided to sell/trade it 
Shane Baz? Hopefully he makes it up to the big leagues soon and you Pirates fan will rue the day you didn't jump on this card, lol...
Another HOF'er! 
Speaking of HOF'ers, we have a dual front/back auto of Bobby Doerr and Billy Herman. Nice!
Jorge Soler wouldn't be still sitting in my collection if he hadn't been traded to KC, I swear.
These are two different cards. Yes, I have two of them. Long story, no I didn't submit them myself.
Michael Conforto from his USA days!
A very nice Julio Urias 1st Bowman 9.5!
 TY COBB ALERT! And a Pristine 10!
Why would someone grade a Bo Jackson base card from a Panini product? I dunno. Glutton for punishment? 
Randy Johnson from Prizm? Apparently the Bo Jackson guy just didn't know when to give up.
Finally, we have a cut autograph from Roosevelt Brown.

Well, I'm not saying I'm getting rich off most of these, but I eventually will get them listed if eBay ever cooperates. If you're interested in any of these, throw me an offer or trade proposal!

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Friday, June 1, 2018

The Bowman Autos!

So my total Bowman experience this year has been the total of a hobby box, a few blasters, some hanger packs and a handful of Mega boxes. I was lucky enough to get an few autos, and I don’t think I’ve shown them off yet, so here you go: 

The Ruiz was in my hobby box. My wife actually pulled the Knapp from a hanger pack unexpectedly. And the Johnson was of course from a blaster!

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