Friday, May 11, 2018

The Dawning of a New Age... and it's Golden

For a couple years now I've been wanting to move off the social platform we all know and love: Facebook. Once I started doing the breaking, I was forced to keep the account. Thus when I stopped breaking, it was time. Goodbye Facebook.

Alright, so you're not here to read about Facebook. You're here for cards. And what better than an amazing card that came in the mail today. Several weeks ago, we picked up a couple boxes of 2013 Golden Age from an online shop. Of course, typically a redemption from a product that old would be expired. And, well, it was. But Panini isn't Topps. I entered the code and it worked and there was no rejection notice. Wouldn't you know, a few weeks later I have a Fedex notification? What? Signature required? Color me impressed Panini!
Wow! Jerry Lewis, shipped in a mag loader and all. Jerry sadly left us in August. I am very happy to add this card to the collection. Thanks for stopping by... oh my, 4 days in a row... WOW


  1. That’s a solid hit. Really like how Panini handles your redemption, no hoops to jump through or anything to receive the quality of service that you reserve.

  2. Wow! Jerry Lewis from and expired redemption... You are living a charmed life!

  3. Congratulations on that pull... and the fact that Panini honored the redemption. Kudos to them. That's a sweet card. Love the on-card signature. I might need to find a copy, since that was one of my mom's favorite comedians.