Monday, May 14, 2018

Some Goodwin, A Redemption and eBay GOLD

Hey everyone, it was definitely a Monday but I'm home and ready to watch the Rockets and Astros tonight!

A few months ago, the wife and I opened up some 2017 Goodwin Champions. We love Goodwin (although I'm not happy about the 2018 iteration, more on that in another post). One of the "hits" I wont be showing here, because it was a redemption that I'm still waiting on - and that I'm hoping will be AMAZING, fingers are crossed.

So, there are positives and negatives of Goodwin. They have a cool checklist of non-sports stuff, which draws in the wife for sure. Especially this year as they had autographs of Stephen King available and all kinds of military relics. However, the down side is that they have some really crappy "manu-relics". If you understand going in that you are most like going to end up with one and possibly 2 CRAP relics per box, it helps get over the disappointment. When they take random maps, cut them up and put them in a card with a national monument or tourist attraction = meh. When you get a manu-patch of a dog = woof. When they make "3-D Lenticular" cards a "hit" = infuriating. I get they are cool looking cards, but they should be an insert, not a "hit". Ok, rant over, here are the cards:
Well, here you go with a couple of said "3-D Lenticular" cards. Don't worry, they are just as disappointing in person as they are in these pictures. They have different rarities, but ultimately, no matter how rare, you hate seeing them in a pack. lol...

And here are the relics and auto:
Not the most aesthetically pleasing photo, I know. My bad. Nice Kobayashi autograph, dude can EAT! I don't know who Chrissy Blair is, though the card says she's a model. And Eddie Huang? Had to look him up, but apparently he's a big media personality. So, those three definitely represent some of the odd ball stuff you'll find in Goodwin. And of course that final card! Tiger Woods relic! NICE! The Goudey Sport Royalty subsets are pretty sought after and generally, of course, contain some pretty lofty names in the checklist. These are all for trade/sale, but that Tiger will be tough for me to let go of!

Alright, the other day I showed off a Jerry Lewis auto redemption. Pulled at the same time was a redemption for the below:
Fred Biletnikoff! Sweet auto, I love autos from anyone older than about 40, they all actually sign their name rather than just squiggle some characters and call it an auto. Again, defintitely for trade!

Alright, here is the glorious piece of eBay snipping that I ended up with this week. The auction ended midday on a weekday. I was able to get this for $15!!!! I couldn't believe it!
Carlos Freakin' Correa, 5/5 relic from 2016 Prime Cuts. And look at that 5 color patch! WOW!

Thanks for stopping by folks! Have a great day!

If you have Astros for trade, please e-mail me here. I'd love to work out a deal.

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