Thursday, May 24, 2018

Some Bowman Color!

So, as I understand it, people really love the color parallels within the Bowman product. Well, after picking up some blasters, a hobby box and a few of those new fangled Mega boxes, I have some color to show off. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of my beloved Astros in the color spread. Here's the good stuff!
Top row is all paper, as is the Cano/PED card on the bottom right. Purple /250, Dark Blue /150, Light Blue /499 and aqua /125!
All the green are /99 of course. The Guzman is the only non-Mojo refractor. Kingery and Mieses are Purple /250 again.

And the best of the bunch is this beautiful /25 orange!
This will most likely end my participation in the world of Bowman. I learned this year that it gets a little crazy with the prospectors, especially when a guy like Ohtani is involved.


  1. Nice Adbert Alzolay... here he may be getting the call soon, which will make Cub fans bid like crazy for that greeny.

  2. Nice! Love some shiny stuff