Thursday, May 10, 2018

Metal and Draft and Metal Draft

In the card world, Leaf has an odd reputation. People love their products at draft time, but with a complete lack of licenses, their products leave you feeling like they are JUST short of great. Their "Metal" line is their answer to "Chrome" and I gotta say: I like it. Especially their "SportsHeroes" line, very cool set and very good execution that doesn't fall off due to lack of logos.

Also, it seems almost every body in Colorado Springs collects football. I am not typically a football collector, but I need trade bait... so I picked up a few boxes of 2017 and 2018 Leaf Metal Draft. One card, I've already traded off before I took pics - an OJ Howard printing plate auto, traded to my good buddy Bobby from Alabama. So, let's see what I have left!
 Kerryon Johnson, Christian Kirk and Ito Smith. Three SEC guys! The Ito is /16/20! Not too shabby!
In three boxes, I ended up with three Cooper Kupp cards! The purple is /25. Any Cooper Kupp super collectors out there?
Ford is out of /50, Carrington is /20 and Folston is /50. Folston has seemed to disappear after going undrafted last year. Ford is still with the Dolphons and Carrington looks to be an undrafted free agent.
Here are some offensive skill guys, Njoku, Williams, Pumphrey and Chesson! All are NFL guys with the Browns, Packers, Eagles and Chiefs! Not too shabby!
Next up, the Dural is /15. I do like the "State Pride" cards with Switzer and Dural! Travis Randolph and Ruben Foster redemption round this one out.
Here's probably the highlight of the boxes, the JT Barrett is numbered just 2/5! The Royce Freeman is /35! Another Ito Smith for my apparent Ito Smith Collection. lol.
Finally, we wrap this up with a nice Bo Scarbrough /35 and Troy Fumagalli /15 State Pride! Somehow, I also got a 2016 Corey Davis /20 auto - I'm assuming this was kind of buyback or extra throw in? And lastly a John Kelly State Pride redemption!

Well, sorry for such a long post, but wanted to get all these out there. If you're a football fan, all are available for trade!


  1. Whenever I see this much shine... Van Halen's Human Being starts playing in my head.

  2. I'm really interested in the Jamaal Williams. Here are some Texans

    and Astros

    that I have available for trade. Let me know if anything I have would make a good trade.

    email tntcardsstg at gmail