Saturday, May 12, 2018

A couple of Box Pick-Ups

I was able to pick up a couple of boxes. I have always liked the 2016 Legacies of Baseball set, not sure why it was a 1-and-done, as I thought it was better executed product than most of the random stuff Topps has done lately. The price point was a bit high, but what's new? Let's start with the "Metal" vault card:
Phil Niekro? Well, ok, not such a strong start to this box. At least it's #'ed /50? Any Niekro collectors out there?

Next up, the #'ed parallel, I couldn't be happier:
NICE! A Nolan Ryan /50 parallel. Love the picture they used, that is classic Nolan leg kick!

On to the first autograph... and it's a doozie!
I spent a good portion of my Astros fandom hating this guy, mainly because him, Maddux and Smoltz contributed to so much of my Astros' playoff misery in the 90's. And /199, not too shabby.

Finally, the hit of the box!
Francisco Lindor! /99! Woo hoo! Lindor along with Correa and Gregorious at SS in the AL is going to make All-Star voting very tough the foreseeable future! On card too! Awesome pick up!

All these, except the Ryan, are for trade or sale!

Finally, one of those single Cut Auto products from Leaf caught my eye!
Lloyd Waner, the Pittsburgh HOFer, /50! Certainly a lot worse names you can get from these Leaf products.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Let me know if anything catches your eye.


  1. SS in the AL is tough. Xander Bogaerts seems to be hitting well again and don't forget about Manny Machado, too!

  2. Nice Glavine! And that's such a beautiful Nolan Ryan card. :D

  3. Awesome stuff! The logjam at SS reminds me of the late 90's when Nomar, Jeter, and A-Rod battled it out. Pretty sure Vizquel was in the mix too.