Saturday, December 16, 2017

My Secret Santa Has Arrived!

I joined the fun over at Bob Walk The Plank when he announced he was organizing a card collector's Secret Santa exchange! Nothing major, just $10 bucks (ish) on cards for another collector! I was SUPER excited for the guy I got to send cards to, as I've been wanting to make a trade with him for a while, but getting to send him cards for free was even better! I was even more excited when I saw the name on the envelope that arrived with my Secret Santa gift! It was none other than our friend Jim from GCRL! Jim ran an excellent Dodgers-centric blog that ended its run in 2015, but he's still a reader and commenter on many a blog!

Here are the Secret Santa contents!
That's an AMAZING Bregman swatch #'ed /9 from Triple Threads! Beautiful in the Triple Threads format! And wow, that Biggio red swatch is HUGE! #'ed out of 50! Awesome!

Along with these two, Jim sent along a healthy stack of Astros from throughout the years - including a health amount of Gold Parallels from several years of Topps! And a nice note congratulating me and the Astros for winning the World Series! Jim, you'll definitely get a stack of Dodgers headed back your way some time soon!

Hope you all have a great Secret Santa experience! I loved mine! Merry Christmas to ALL!!!!


  1. That Biggio swatch takes up more than half the card! A solid Secret Santa-ing from Jim.

  2. Wow! I love the orange and red swatches. So much better than gray or white.
    That's a nice Secret Santa gift!