Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Some Triple Threads

This is a bit of a delayed package, as my LCS held a bunch of my cards for a bit. I had opened one box of Triple Threads this year and got in a couple of box breaks... I wasn't too happy with the product and well, here's what I ended up with:
Votto, Verlander, Toles, Shipley, Fulmer, Bour, Sheffield and Kiermaier. Not exactly bursting with superstars there to justify the price point, but at least some of them are hard singatures? All will be added to t he trade bait team pages.

A couple of vertical cards as well:
Well, are you thoroughly underwhelmed?

I'm working on updating the team pages tonight, so hopefully you'll see new trade bait listed soon! Let's make some deals!


  1. Triple Threads is such a hit or miss product. If you hit one of the two-ish good boxes in a case you tend to hit it BIG. But the rest tend to be very underwhelming.

  2. Yeesh. I just cannot justify purchasing boxes like this.

    If you need a home for that Fulmer I can take it off your hands.