Friday, October 20, 2017

Biggio Pick Ups!

So I was able to pick up a couple of awesome Biggio cards lately off eBay with money I made off sales. The both happen to be numbered 4/5! First up, this awesome die cut from Pantheon with a SWEEEEET patch! 4 colors!

The picture that the seller used had a light or flash mark along the bottom edge, thus hiding the damage along that bottom edge of the card. I thought about complaining, but I'm happy with the card overall so I'l keep it. It just won't ever win a high grade, but lets be honest I have never submitted a card for grading so it wouldn't be likely that I'd do so here either.

Next up, an AWESOME auto from Prime Cuts!

Looks like this may have been a redemption, as it has the Panini sticker across the top of the mag. Love it. Great to add two low numbered autographs to the collection!

Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Great cards from a great player! Shame about the damage on the first one, but being such a low number, I'd want to just keep it too!

  2. Awesome cards. That patch is sweet!

  3. New Email from me.