Sunday, September 3, 2017

Trade Bait - Oddball, NFL & NBA Edition

I've decided to take this last bunch of Oddballs, NFL cards and NBA cards and make one post! So here we go:
 Plenty of A&G relics from last year of non-sport and non-baseball sports folks!
A mix of Space, Olympics and Star Wars!
 Olymipcs, rock climbing and full color variations from Americana!
 How about some dinosaurs and art?
 Football, I blame pack wars for these being in my collection at all!
 More football!
 I REALLY don't collect basketball, please, someone take these!   - UPDATE: OLYNYK relic is gone.
How about them relics?


  1. Oh man! Loving so much on here. Non sport relics and those history ones. Gotta find more for you

  2. I'd be interested in the Olynyk relic! I'll shoot you an email to the address in your profile.

  3. Still wished I had something more enticing for you. I will keep looking