Sunday, August 27, 2017

Trade Bait - Diamondbacks & Dodgers Edition

So this two team method is working so far... I'm trying to limit it to about 10 cards or so per post. So here are the Diamondbacks I have to offer:
I am sure you all aren't shocked that I only have 4 cards for the Arizona squad, they are woefully underrepresented in most sets. 
 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Drury book auto relic /25.

On to the Dodgers:
Meanwhile the Dodgers have a slew of guys in most sets!
 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Reese relic, Sutton auto, Lasorda Relic and Urias graded 1st bowman card.

This reminds me, I have quite a few cards that I won't be listing here because they are currently for sale on my eBay page. So check those out as well.

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