Saturday, August 26, 2017

Let's Try This Again

Alright everyone... your favorite Dimwit (really, I hope you don't have others to compare me to...) is all settled in after moving once again. Now, I'm down in Lake Charles, LA! If you need updating shipping information, email me!

So, I've picked up a few lots lately and I thought I'd show them off, as much of it is trade bait! Except for one card I forgot to take out, it'll be obvious: it's a Nolan Ryan card!
A bunch of HOF level guys! I really liked the look of that Papelbon/Rivera card.  
Next up, more relics of HOF level guys and a weird trio of Cardinals. The Vogelbach and Jeter were from the same blaster I bought recently. And well, the Moniak was picked up on the cheap hoping to land me a quality Astros hit of the same type!

Next, I worked with some guys I know down in Alabama who have opened up a BUNCH of USA baseball box sets from 2014 - and coincidentally ended up with a bunch of Bregman and Cameron cards they didn't have any interest in! I was able to pick these up before Bregman went on his recent hot streak!
I love the Gold signature as well as the Gameball. These sets can still be found pretty cheap, and they have some great autos: Bregman, Swanson, Hunter Greene, Royce Lewis, Blake Rutherford; some real quality prospect names and 9 hits a box. Usually around $50-60 depending on where you find them.

Finally for this post, I'm going to share my new side project. 2017 The Bar - Pieces of the Past. This product released in the last couple of months and I've been hooked on it. You ever see a cut auto of someone like Abraham Lincoln and wonder, "Sure there's a cut auto, but where is the rest of the paperwork it came from?" Wonder no more. The Bar has taken about 20 historical documents signed by various figures, featuring a bunch of ex-Presidents and guys like Einstien, MLK and the guy who built/designed the Statue of Liberty and made cut auto cards from them. The cut autos are redemption within the product, but the rest of the document is cut in to small pieces and attached to cardboard. Behold:
These are just my duplicates. I have well over 30 of the 46 known cards from the checklist and am looking to complete the relic set. The checklist isn't the most reliable thing in the world, as I've already found some variances and cards not listed that can be found on ebay. The base set is 210 cards with 201-210 being SP's. Each box comes with 6 packs. 4 of which contain just base cards. The 5th pack has an SP, Limited Edition Parallel, Stamp, Poster or Etch card. Then the 6th pack contains your Pieces of the Past relic. If you're lucky, you get one with some writing or type text on it. Others, like many of the above are just plain swatches. On the back of each card, it shows the document that the relic came from, and you can go on their site and see the full document in its full text.

I recently purchased a discounted case online and it came with a special "Limited Edition 1/1 Pack" that included a card in a mag case:
Of all the relic cards, the J. Edgar Hoover cards are my least favorite, as I don't have a strong feeling about him, understand anything of his legacy and really just am not an FBI buff. 

Several weeks ago, I bought some boxes online via my LCS facebook live page, and got this amazing card:
The 1/1 Sterling Silver Precious Parallel of our current President, The Donald. Yes, that's a small piece of sterling silver embedded in the card. I currently have had this on ebay for a few weeks and haven't had but one offer. I'm sure I have it listed too high, but figured at this point someone would jump at it and at least make me an offer I had to think about!

Anyways, it's a great set and I've really enjoyed putting it together. Maybe my next post, I'll scan in all the relics I currently have in hand!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. How much will you take to shred that card of Cheeto in Chief?

  2. First I've seen of those. I'm still trying to process.

  3. Looks like some nice stuff. Welcome back from the U-Haul Moving lanes.

  4. Rivera and Papelbon on a card together feels so wrong.

  5. Cool set. I'll have to see if I can land a Reagan for my collection.

  6. Those pieces of the past cards are amazing! ! I need to find some to acquire now. I am a growing non sport card buff