Wednesday, August 30, 2017

An Amazing Mail Day

The other day, I was in a group draft break of 2016 Pantheon baseball at my online LCS (which also is my former Alabama brick and mortar LCS), and I got the first pick. The box had a redemption for a Ken Griffey Jr. autograph, bronze parallel so it would have been numbered to /10 or less. One of the guys who was watching, contacted me and before long we worked out a mega trade! I am VERY happy with the cards I received in return:
Wow, so where do i even start?!?!?! Biggio autographs #'ed out of /25, /5 and /20 are awesome enough on their own! Then you add in the Bregman auto #'ed /10! Those are 4 very low numbered autographs that definitely add some punch to my PC. The Altuve is numbered /150. And then there is that Nolan Ryan triple auto from Triple Threads. It's amazing on it's own but then you throw in Roy Halladay and King Felix! Wow. Always down for a Nolan Relic to add as well!

Steve, thanks for the deal if you read this.

Trade Bait posts will resume tomorrow... I'm going to have quite a time scanning in all the Yankees hits I've got!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Trade Bait - Rockies Edition

What? The Rockies get a post of their own? Yes, yes they do. As they have 9 hits just sitting here waiting for a trader!
You'd think with me living in Colorado for a while, I'd have found someone to trade/take these... but alas, no such luck!
I seem to pull a Rockie out of A&G ever year!

 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Galarraga relic!

Trade Bait - Reds and Red Sox

Well, we're chugging right along, getting closer and closer to the end of the MLB teams... is there more beyond that? Maybe... maybe not... (of course there is)...

Here are the Reds:
 The David Holmberg is #'ed 100/100, the second Perez /25.
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Peraza dual relic auto!

Certainly everyone has a Henry Owens auto by now right? lol...

UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Doerr relic.

Have a great Monday folks!

Trade Bait - Rangers and Rays Edition

You all waited so patiently overnight... here's the Rangers and Rays trade bait for ya!
Not a bad grouping of relics - that's the most positive statement I can make about the Rangers right now.
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Hamels relic!

Couple of autos and couple of relics for the Rays!
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Shaffer relic!

Next up, Reds and Red Sox!

Trade Bait - Padres, Phillies & Pirates

Logical connection? Hmmm... three teams with mascot names starting with a P, all with storied franchises with tons of history and WS appearances. Also generally under represented in the card world unless they are having abnormally successful seasons...

The Winfield auto is /7!
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Gwynn RC.

I was pretty sad about the number of Padres hits, until I got to scanning the Phillies:
At least the Bancroft is /15!
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Schmidt auto and Franco jumbo relic!

Finally, the Pirates:
 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added McCutchen relic!
Come and get em! Next up we will have the Rangers and Rays!

Trade Bait - Nationals & Orioles Edition

These posts are starting to get helpful in that teams are grouped together logically! Haha! Nationals and Orioles this go around, for a DC/Baltimore show down!
The Harper card in the middle is Metal from that Legacies product last year.
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Vlad relic! Expos go with Nationals, thems the rules!

And now your Orioles:
The horizontal Palmer auto is /100 and that Hart is /99.

Let me know if you're interested!

Trade Bait - Mets Edition

Here you go Mets fans... get you some of these!
 Mainly relics, but there's a Piazza in there and a nice /50 patch of Beltran!
4 autos from Triple Threads... someone has got to be looking for these!!!! Right???? Right?
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Strawberry relic.

Trade Bait - Indians, Mariners & Marlins Edition

Three teams?!?!? Ok, so basically it's two because I have ZERO in terms of trade bait for the Cleveland Indians. Sorry Cleveland.

 A nice mix of relics and autos!

UPDATE 9/3/17:  Added prospect auto, 2 Felix relics and a graded Randy Johnson!
 That Randy is #'ed /125!

 Come on, someone from Florida wants these, I know it...
Some nice autos, the Romero is /25!
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Nolasco relic.

Thanks for reading! Next up, the METS!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Trade Bait - Giants Edition

Here we have another team deserving of it's own post! Somehow, I manage to amass cards from the San Fransisco Giants!
Again, the RIP card is already ripped. The Sandoval is /3.
Let me know if you like what you see!

UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Tomlinson patch auto.

Trade Bait - Diamondbacks & Dodgers Edition

So this two team method is working so far... I'm trying to limit it to about 10 cards or so per post. So here are the Diamondbacks I have to offer:
I am sure you all aren't shocked that I only have 4 cards for the Arizona squad, they are woefully underrepresented in most sets. 
 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Drury book auto relic /25.

On to the Dodgers:
Meanwhile the Dodgers have a slew of guys in most sets!
 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Reese relic, Sutton auto, Lasorda Relic and Urias graded 1st bowman card.

This reminds me, I have quite a few cards that I won't be listing here because they are currently for sale on my eBay page. So check those out as well.

Trade Bait - Cubs and Cardinals

Here is the much anticipated Cubs post... with a Cardinal attached!
Boy that's a lot of blue! Haha! As a non-Cubs fan, I've never really taken the time to look at these and appreciate the aesthetic of the blue ink with the team colors. Nice.
Alright Cubs fans, go crazy!

 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added 3 graded Cubs cards, 3 relics, a Sandberg auto and Edwards auto/relic.
UPDATE: 11/4/17: Sandberg auto is no longer available.

Ok, got some more Cardinals:
 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Ozzie relic and LaRussa auto /49.

Trade Bait - Braves & Brewers Edition

Another multi-team post! Here are the Braves available for trade:
The rip card is already ripped! The Upton is /25!
 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Sokora auto /50.

And here are your Brewers:
Any Braun collectors left?

Trade Bait - Angels & Blue Jays Edition

Here you have the Angels that are available:
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Trout/Posey dual relic and Hamilton jumbo relic.

The Onxy card is Devon Travis. The Tulo manu-relic is HEAVY... and I think Barreto is in the A's system now but I'm listing these cards by team name on the card!
 UPDATE 9/3/17:Added Bautista atuo /25 and Alomar auto /15.