Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trades and Pick-Ups

So my Astros are scuffling a bit to start the season, despite the 3-3 record our offense is really struggling. Altuve, Correa and Bregman are all around the Mendoza line and the rest of the line-up isn't helping a whole lot either. Gurriel is great defensively but hasn't hit a lick yet. Hopefully it's just early season struggles and adjustments that'll work themselves out soon enough. The good part is that our starting rotation is overachieving and keeping us in games.

So, I recently pulled off another trade with a twitter friend, who I've traded quite a bit with: @pnoydude82. He always seems to find Astros I don't have already... here's my side of the loot:
A couple of SWEEEET Altuve cards!
And a Musgrove /150 auto. I have the red version of the Vizcaino but figured I'd add the base version as well. Still not a fan of manu-relics, but guess we can't avoid them any more, Topps is determined to shove them down our throats and make us like them. Meh. He also included a Topps Archives Billy Wagner auto, but I couldn't seem to get it to scan right in the one-touch.

Also, have a couple of random pick-ups:
I really like NT, just think the price point is a bit high. Nice cheap pick-up on a relic card of Jose and numbered out of just /49.
Finally, an AWESOME 2/5 relic of Biggio from my new most favorite set Prime Cuts. A nice 3 color patch with a bit of jersey attached! How can you look at this card and not love it?

Have a great lazy Sunday everyone!

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  1. That Prime Cuts card is really great! I really like the overall look of it.