Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lubbock Pick-Ups

We took a trip to Lubbock today and found a card shop. I bought a few packs of Tristar Odyssey and a box of Leaf History of Baseball.

Not too shabby on the Gooden RC auto! 

Monte Irvin, not a bad auto to get either!

I wasn't too excited about this note card signature of Tim Raines. Yes, he's a HOFer but he's just not a guy who I ever remember is playing against and being scared of him doing damage. But, he is in the Hall.

Like Appling, a guy I always heard about but couldn't ever tell you much about! Seemed to have a pretty good career, and again a HOF-er!

Finally we have Negro League legend Judy Johnson! Could have done better in History of Baseball, but I'll gladly add this on to my collection!

Hope you all enjoyed! 


  1. Naturally, I was out of town today! I usually spend a little time at the shop on Saturdays.

  2. NICE !!!!!!Hope you enjoyed the Cards ! Had them a long time !!

  3. I recently added a PSA authenticated 85T Gooden to my collection as well. I guess we're both Dimwits! Awesome cards.

  4. Nice Raines- I collect HOFers on index cards so please let me know if you are interested in moving this. Cheers, Scott