Monday, April 24, 2017

Catching Up on Random Pick Ups and Trade Galore

Hey everyone, sorry, been a little lazy lately... back at it... I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday getting some cards on eBay. If you want to take a look, follow the link here. If not, no harm and no foul.

First up, we have some random pick-ups from around the web... whether it be FB or Twitter or eBay...
Yes, more Prime Cuts! And how about that Kyle Tucker auto from Bowman's Best? Kid is going to be a star and I picked that up for $7 shipped! Woot woot!

Next up, a trade with my buddy Greg over at Plaschke, Thy Blog Name is Too Long! In another of our epic back and forth deals, I sent over a bunch of A&G and he sent me these great cards!
I love what Panini tried with the die cuts, even if the end product is a bit odd aesthetically speaking. Nice Pettitte and Bagwell relics. While not a fan of Joe Morgan the Anti-Astro broadcaster (someone is still bitter about the Astros trading him 5 decades ago and it's tiresome at this point Joe), I love the Air Mail cards! Finally, how about that old Tobacco card?!?!?! Greg, send those tobacco cards any time you feel like it, I love them!

Next up, a trade with long time blog reader Jeffrey. He picked up my recent group break Alan Trammell auto relic and he sent me this card!
That's a dual patch of Biggio and Bagwell, it wouldn't can right so I did a pic on the phone. It's numbered out of /50 and has two sweeeeeeet patches!

Finally a twitter trade with a PADRES FAN! Yes, they exist in enough numbers to find one on Twitter! A few cards his way and I get this AMAZING Altuve lot!
Even the base cards in Tribute are slick. The relics aren't too shabby either, and I like that they used different colors of jersey in the two different numbered parallels. 

But the star of the entire deal is this AMAZING card:
Yep, the logo man portion of a ball that was used in the game in which Jose hit his 1,000 career hit. I love love love love love that Topps finally went back to some use of certifications and holograms to show that their relics are legit. It's not a ton of effort to do it (in my humble opinion) and the peace of mind it gives collectors is worth it. Especially when you see patches and jersey swatches so easily swapped out on cards and resold. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but "Thanks Topps and great job."

Alright, back to your regularly scheduled episode of the Twilight Zone...


  1. Glad you liked everything! I'll keep my eyes open for more tobacco for ya!

  2. That Altuve ball with the logo man is awesome!
    Be sure to join my contest for a chance at a Craig Biggio Dynasty card.