Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Annoyance with Blogger... and some randomness in the mail...

So after yesterday's mail day, I feel all other mail days are diminished in magnitude... but alas, I will keep blogging them all!

But first, I have to ask if anyone is having the same problem I am with blogger. I comment on people's posts, or they comment on my posts, and I get an e-mail saying the e-mail is undeliverable and I never get a notification that there was a comment - and/or I assume the person whose blog I commented on also gets an e-mail saying something was undeliverable. For instance, yesterday's post, I only got 3 of the 6 notifications that a comment was made, the other 3, NOTHING. Anyone else experience this? I think it's a problem with Yahoo, but I can't nail it down... anyone have a solution??? I've noticed I only get the e-mail when I'm posting a comment on a based blog with my current blogger login profile...

On to the cards... a couple of good ones... first up, our #1 draft pick from last year, Forrest Whitley:
Ok, so the kid doesn't have the most amazing signature... but if he's the next McCullers, I won't complain! Nice refractor auto!

Next up, an amazing Biggio!!!!!
Look at that PATCH!!!!!!!!! 😲 I had to keep from drooling on it while I had it out of the sleeve... That's bat, PATCH, jersey and bat... 1844 is the number of runs Biggio scored in his career! Again, love the design from Prime Cuts!

Alright, hope everyone has a great day... packages going out tomorrow to zip codes: 48072, 89139 and 90230!


  1. I usually get an email when someone leaves a comment on my blog, with one exception. I never get an alert when P-Town Tom comments. He's the only one (damn Cubs fans). It's weird and I don't know how to fix it. So I just check occasionally to see if there are any new comments. And that's a sick Biggio!

    1. This happens with me on PTown Tom comments too!

    2. Shoot. I didn't know I was "that guy"! Sorry, fellas. I never get an e-mail when Night Owl posts. I thought it was a glitch and haven't thought much of it since then.
      BUT, if you guys figure out how to correct this problem, please let me know and then I'll do what I need to rectify the issue. Sorry!

  2. I get an e-mail saying un-deliverable whenever I leave a comment on someone's blog, including my own.

  3. I get the undeliverable email message when I make comments. I read somewhere on one of the "help" forums that is is because of which comment you choose as to how to post your comment ("Comment as:" wordpress, OpenID, etc...). As to the blogger getting an email notice I think that depends on how you have your settings about email messages. I think I have my email notices shut off. I usually notice people have commented on my blog when I view my blog and look at the bottom line stuff and see a number by comments, or when I'm checking my stats and stuff for my blogs I click on the "comments" to see if anything has been commented on recently. My regular non-card blog (which I only have about a dozen followers if that) usually goes a year or two without any new comments.

  4. I get a most of my comments via email, but some just get posted without me noticing. I have to backtrack under comments to see if I missed any. For some reason when Fuji his never gets emailed to me so I don't always see them

  5. I've got a solution... but you're not going to like it. lol. I could just make you a new site, maybe one not on blogger. Heck, I think I even have domain spaces on my hosting account, so, I could host you for free :)

  6. I used to have that problem, and then it mysteriously went away. Don't know why.
    That Biggio is awesome...very droolable

  7. I've had the "comment" issue with blogger for years. To make matters worse, half of the "undeliverable" messages are put into my SPAM folder.

    P.S. Love that Biggio!

  8. Gorgeous Biggio! Blogger is flaky. I use Chrome but sometimes have to switch over to IE in the middle of working on a post. Pictures won't upload in Chrome one day but then do the next.