Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Random Pick Ups

So, figured I needed to do a post about a few random pick-ups I've made lately to add to the collection. So, no better place to start than with an awesome BOOK!
What?!??! A sick Correa book /99?!?!? This is first of two cards I picked up with the proceeds of selling the Schwarber/Contreras book card from Prime Cuts. The other is a 1/1 and will hopefully be in the mailbox tomorrow! What a huge bat piece...
I used to be the first one beating the drum that Panini couldn't make it without a license. Well, consider me wrong and my opinion changed. Products like National Treasures and Prime Cuts are doing well, and the cards are high quality.

Next up, some Bagwell, Bregman and Biggio:
Picked up this Bagwell auto/relic due to loving the Auto Biography cards from Prime Cuts. The seller threw in the Bregman RC for free! Score!
So this Bagwell and the below BEAUTIFUL Biggio plate were bought with proceeds from selling/trading a Bo Jackson /5 auto from Tribute. I would say I did pretty well. The Bagwell was the trade portion, the Biggio was bought with the sell portion of the deal!
 Well, that wraps it up for tonight! #collect


  1. Welcome aboard the Panini bus. It's nice, we have cookies. I've long held the "If it's nice, I don't care about logos" stance. I won't go as far as enjoying something like base Donruss (cause it's fugly), but Panini's higher end stuff is really gorgeous.

  2. that is flipping done right! i agree about panini lately - i've been really happy with the cards from pantheon and national treasures that i've picked up.