Monday, March 6, 2017

Another Shipment of Prime Cuts...

Yea, I have a problem with this product. Or as the hotwit says, "You really need to stop..." But onward I go towards amazing mojo!

First up, an assortment of vertical relics, autos and auto/relics.
So obviously there are some rather impressive cards here... first of all, Nolan is always awesome, but even cooler next to that Maddux. Mazara, even though he's a Ranger, is a nice pull. This is my second Strawberry /49. Can't complain about Brett relics or Mattingly auto /15 either! The Michael Reed has a couple of stellar patches. I'm sure I won't have a problem finding a home for that Molina either!

Onward to an even better smattering of cards... smattering, I like it...
Again, how about that Nolan Ryan?!?!!? /25 and a bright orange swatch! I LOVE IT... Red Schoendienst, again won't have a hard time finding a home for him either. The Biggio was a $0.99 eBay pick up! Urias should be a good auto to hold on to for a bit, unless someone just really wants to make me a trade for it... (Looking at you Dodger fans). At this point, Urias may be the only one on this picture who isn't going into the HOF; and even then he may end up there if he's as good as promised.

Finally, the two big cards from this shipment... oh my, hold on to your britches... 
Holy swatches Batman! 6/10 Park/Sano relic is mighty awesome in an of itself. But throw in that BEAUTIFUL Ted William 3/5 quad relic? Wow, not too shabby. That Williams is going to look splendid next to the Gehrig. (See what I did there?).

This won't be the last you see of Prime Cuts on this blog. It has hereby taken the place of Triple Threads in my "Most Joyful Box Opening Experience" category. Love this stuff. Love the old timers, mixed with the new kids, mixed with the modern HOF'ers & fan favorites. I could go on and on. You all have a great night. Anything not Astros or Nolan is for trade. Even the Williams and Gehrig for the right price... haha.... but seriously, you're not getting the Gehrig.


  1. That Sale is a swatch from a Chicago American Giants throwbacks.

  2. Red Schoendienst has such a nice signature!

  3. That Williams is super cool. And Urias! Nice pull!