Monday, March 13, 2017

A Tale of Two Boxes

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... It was a box of Prime Cuts from the ultra hot LCS known as BigHit Sportscards in Spanish Fort, AL, it was a box of Prime Cuts from a mediocre shop known as Dalez in Colorado Springs, CO.

Dalez is a shop that if you want something, they probably have it. Magic, basketball, hockey, football, junk wax to high end, they have every last bit of it. I had to go this morning and get some binders, pages and plastic card stands. The Hotwit convinced me to get some cards. So I got her a box (for a later post) of Goodwin Champions and grabbed me a box of Prime Cuts. Let's see if I can get this video to load and post correctly:
For those who don't want to listen to my disappointment, here's the pics:

I will never be a Braun fan. Perez and Goldschmidt are good relics for sure. Hopefully Jonathan Gray starts producing there in Colorado. The Rizzuto, I'm a little concerned about. That's a modern jersey, is this from an old-timers game? It sure isn't from his playing days...

So, my other "issue" with Dalez is that while they have lots of stuff, no one knows the product. When I mentioned how I've been on a run with this product, the guy behind the counter said "Yea, it's really popular every year." He sounded like he believed what he's saying. Now for those who don't know, this product hasn't been released since 2012. So, Dalez let's work on knowing the product a little more. Also, they have no desire to see what you pull, they don't get excited and they make no attempt to get you to open in the store. It's basically a Wal-mart version of a card shop without the low prices. Come in, get what you want and move along so the next person can spend some money. At least that's the way it feels. Other CS residents can chime in with their agreement or not. 

 So, onward to the box from BigHits... this once again is what I consider the greatest shop in the country. Here's the first 4 cards:
So now I've got the 1/1 Waldrup and the /49... should I just go for the rainbow? Shouldn't be too expensive... Kiner and Brock are quality relics as well! Can't complain about the Diaz/Piscotty - however is seems like Mr. Piscotty has more cards coming out than anyone else I see these days, if this guy turns out to be great then there'll be plenty of cards for the Cardinal fans to hoard!

So, obviously there is a missing card, a missing autograph from the scan... so here you go... I'll leave this without further comment...


  1. My sister-in-law just moved to Colorado Springs. I'm assuming that'll mean a trip down there at some point. I'll have to check out the shop even with the mixed review.

  2. Man! Congrats on the Ryan!

  3. Congratulations! Sweet pull. Never understood how those kind of card shops (like Dalez) stay in business. I only have a few card shops left in my area and the one I'll go into has two guys who are very friendly. They'll chat you up and talk sports... cards... whatever. It's cool... because they never pressure you into buying anything either. That's why I try to give them as much business as I can... just so shops like this stick around.