Monday, March 6, 2017

A New 1/1 To the Collection

Dallas Kuechel had a great year two seasons ago, won the Cy Young award and led our young Astros into the playoffs and in the process knocked out the Yankees. We couldn't quite beat the Royals, but it was a tease of how good this team can be. He had an off year last year but hopefully the extra rest this off-season will have him bounce back this year. We're going to need him at his best to compete this year for a WS title.

I was able to find this awesome 1/1 laundry tag on eBay for less than $35. I snatched it up quick.
Yes, that's a working QR code and if you scan it, it comes up with the details of Dallas' jersey or pants sizing. Pretty cool and unique. Another great job of Panini design being on point. Very glad to add this true 1/1 to the permanent collection!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Wow - I'd never seen such a thing before. That's an incredibly unique and clever move by Panini.

  2. That's modern! It'd be funny if it had his laundry preferences, "cold water, lightly starched".

  3. There's an app you can add to your cell phone that scans QR codes. You should try it. Quite the unique piece.