Friday, April 15, 2016

It's been a fun ride...

After much debate and struggle, I've decided it's the end. Not just for the blog, but for my collecting overall. A post by The Night Owl the other day helped me realize that I don't even get excited about the hits anymore, it's all a chore. 

The tracking, the spending, the time spent organizing, the posting, the mailing. It all just adds stress to my life that has become too full of other things. So it's time to shut it down and focus on those other things that are more important to me.

SuperTraders, you will all be getting a package from me in the near future. If you have sent me cards or not, you will be getting a package that I hope you all will enjoy. Anyone with a pending trade with me, email me and let's get it finalized. 

For those who have been faithful trading partners, thanks. For those who read this crap through the past few years, thanks even more! I hope the hobby continues to nurture new and excited collectors! Thanks to the friends I've made in this time and I'll still be reading your blogs, there are a bunch of great ones and I sure hope that for a small time you all thought I was at least one of the decent ones.

Sam aka The Dimwit