Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My First Super Trader Package

The one and only king of the Super Traders, Wes, from Jaybarkerfan's Junk started the Super Trader group by buying a box of cards and then shipping out a ton of cards! Well, got my package today and here are the highlights!

A nice Jordan Lyles mini relic that I definitely didn't own! Also, some great cards of Astros past and present. Love the "Major League Debut" of Luis Gonzalez... I mean, look at that kid... there's NO WAY he did anything but lift weights... right??? Right??? :-D

Here's my view on the "era"... so many guys were doing it, we can't hold it against anyone since baseball, the writers, other players and fans ALL turned a blind eye and just kept rooting for more homers. So let them in the HOF, Bonds... Clemens... McGuire... Sosa... they all have their place in history whether convicted or just accused. They made the game what it was. Much like Babe made the game despite not playing against the top talent of non-white players. Greenies and psychedelics ruled the 70's and 80's. So what, it was a game and we all were glued to our TV's excited to watch.

Ok, rant over... 


  1. It's crazy to look at Gonzo's 2001 season numbers and see that he only finished 3rd in the MVP voting. I remember him being extra whiny and defensive about not being a juicer after that outlier of a season. Makes you wonder...