Sunday, January 10, 2016

Check Out My Cards from @COMC

See what I did there?

So I got some sales lined up with enough left over to hit the go button on shipping a lot of cards from Here's the goods, first up, some Americana:
Was really happy to get the Shade Lee auto at a good price, the Tuskegee Airmen autos aren't cheap!

Next up, some Astros of course:
Really catching up on the Kid Keuchel cards. Love the Supreme Springer and Gattis shadow box autos! Just some great cards overall.

Here's what I think is are the best parts of my order!
What an awesome ruby embedded card of 2 HOF'ers! Even if one is a Brave! Any Biggio auto I can add is always a great card!

Thanks for stopping by folks!


  1. As a devout runner, I have to say, that Frank Shorter relic is jaw-dropping. I never thought to check if he and/or other significant distance runners had such cards. Now I've got some research to do!

  2. That Tuskegee Airmen autograph is cool. Didn't realized Panini made those... but very glad they did.

    P.S. The wrestling relic in the top left corner looks rated R.

  3. Man, I love that olympics set. I've got to finish my own collection. Got about half the base, and zero relics. Nice additions!