Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Trade Post and Some eBay Pick Ups!

My buddy Jim over at GCRL (that's Garvey Cey Russell and Lopes for the uninitiated) may not be bloggin' but he is still active and trading. I have some goodies headed his way after his absolutely wowed me with an Astros trade package. Here's the highlights!
Whoa! That's a lot of Astros! I will forgive him for the Carlos Lee. I will forgive him for the Carlos Lee. I will forgive him for the Carlos Lee. Ok, I think I'm alright now. That Biggio is AWESOME and numbered out of 77/100! SWEEEEEEET! And that horizontal Bagwell is 79/150! WHOA!!!!

But the center of the deal is this beauty:
Ye shall be in awe of Nolan and the Dome Logo!!!! YE SHALL!!!! I DECLARE IT SO!!!!!!!

Thanks for the great trade Jim. Your shipment label was printed today and will head to the post office tomorrow with some great surprises!

Alright, up next are a couple of eBay pick ups! 
I absolutely loved this triple relics card and couldn't pass it up! Even with Singleton on it. This one is numbered out of just /18! Gotta say, my love for Triple Threads will never fade...

I have seen several of the following card pop up on eBay lately and I am SHOCKED at how low they are going... I picked this one up at the bargain price of $12.51 or thereabouts. A HOFer Autograph, numbered out of 50... for less than $15?!?!?!? Are you kidding, of course I'm all over it!
Hope you all had a splendid Thanksgiving. Can't wait for Christmas to roll around!


  1. Yes, I am in awe. More dome and more Nolan, please.

  2. glad you were ok with carlos lee being in there with those other astros.

  3. i received the return package today. wowza. makes for a happy holiday in the gcrl camp. thanks!

  4. hmm, I bet we have been bidding against one another. These are sweet cards!