Friday, November 27, 2015

I Went Black Friday Shopping!

The great part of living in Colorado Springs is that I have an LCS to go to now and took advantage of Black Friday packs from Panini! First up, the boxes I bought! 

First a box of 2015 Topps football. Got one guaranteed hit, it is for trade:
Next up, a box of 2015 Prizm, lots of colored refractors and such but here are the autos:
The Hunter is /150, the Funchess is /75! Not too shabby.

The final football box is 2015 Playbook and I think I got a hot box as I got two books and a relic! 
Not bad! All for trade, didn't get me any Texans!

I did pick up a box of 2014 75th Anniversary baseball and got a mega hit! 
That Lou Brock is numbered 4/4!!!!!!! Whoa!!!! 

So with my Black Friday packs, I got two relic hits! 
Couldn't have asked for better subjects! 

All in all, a great haul although I wish I could have gotten some Astros and Texans! 

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  1. That Kris Bryant Santa Hat relic has got to be a pretty hot item right now.