Saturday, May 9, 2015


Had to post this! I have been more active on Twitter lately, but had to share this with those who don't follow me there. I have been busting a lot of 2012 Americana Heroes & Legends lately, like by the hobby case. I am chasing a master set, as much as possible anyways!!! 

So last night I pulled one of the more expensive and hard to pull cards from this set!

I also manage to pull this beaut numbered out of just /9!!!!!!
That's a full color relic of Alex Morgan! That's a section of numbering in there as well! For some reason they limited hers to just 9 copies while others in this subset are in the hundreds of copies! 

What a great case!


  1. Wow, that's awesome pulling a card signed by one of the former presidents ! Grats on the pull !

  2. congrats dude! a dual Bush auto would be really cool as well.

  3. Awesome pull! The better Bush, for sure. I'm guessing that Morgan's jersey has been spread out among a bunch of other products due to her popularity; perhaps there is only a patch version? I've always enjoyed Americana.

  4. Congratulations! Love me some Bush... and the Morgan is sweet too.

  5. Awesome pulls! That was certainly an excellent case.