Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Surprise Package from Wes!

Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk is up to it again! Sending out surprise packages all over the blog-o-sphere! Here's what showed up at my PO Box!
First of all, this picture doesn't do the stack of cards justice... there's a joke to be made here, but I'll leave it up to your imaginations...

Three relics came out of that stack!
I don't believe I've added a Roy Oswalt relic in YEARS and I really don't think I have too many of Brad Lidge either! Any time I can add a Berkman to my collection, it's a great day...

But as amazing as all the Astros cards that I got, I could believe my eyes when I saw this AMAZING PIECE OF CARDBOARD!
Yea, that's right, BE JEALOUS. Limited to just 98 copies and featuring a high gloss finish, this custom by Topps' online store is amazing. Just to show off some more, here's Wes' back side... errr... ummm... I mean the back of the card...
Yea, sticker of authenticity too, who you like them apples????? JBF has been called generous, eccentric and mysterious? I think he may have quoted me on that one! HA! And he does like to give stuff away for sure... will have to dig deep and find some cards to send back to you Wes! Thanks for another amazing bubble mailer full of awesome cards!

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  1. I think Wes hooked up with Brady Anderson's trainer in 2010. The 48 homers dwarf '07 and '08.