Friday, January 16, 2015

DACardsworld Purchase

Hey everyone! I recently finished off my Christmas money spending with an order of some clearance and low priced items from DACardworld. I love shopping their 2011-2012 stuff, it's right in that peak "we need to get this inventory out of here, but it's not vintage-y enough" price point that adds some value! First of all, I'll show off my purchase "filler purchases" that got me up to the free shipping threshold, the "Hit Parade" packs that promised 2-3 hits per pack:

There are inserts on the left column, autos in the middle and relics down the left side:
The only recognizable name from the autos is Jeremy Hermida. A very nice HOF relic there from Steve Carlton. It'll be a nice add to the trade bait folder!

Next up, freebie hit! If you order so much product, you get free stuff, I took a flyer on some Razor Poker cards not really expecting much! I got an auto out of the twelve hanger packs that came free!
I recognize Hoyt from the WSOP Main Event shows that were at the peak of popularity in my college days, and I played a LOT of poker back then as well. This'll go in my "Oddball" keepers binder!

I took a flyer on another product that got some bad reviews when it came out. 2012 UD SP Signature Edition is not the best in that it has no player photos even. Just wording and a sticker auto. So I got one pack that guaranteed 3 cards with one of them being a multi-auto card:
Ben Zobrist in the upper left, not bad. Denard Span on the top right, again not horrible. And the triple auto is Aaron Crow, Nick Franklin and Kyle Gibson numbered out of /25. I'm pretty happy with it for the price I paid. The triple auto has one listing on eBay at $400 OBO, I think I may list this one at $100 OBO and see if I get any takers. I think even $100 may be a bit high for those three.

Next up, I got a couple of retail gravity feeds of 2012 Panini Americana Heroes & Legends SUPER cheap. And I'm pretty happy with the results:
I ALWAYS love getting astronaut relics! That's Jack Lousma in the top left and Hoot Gibson on the bottom left. The upper right is a bronze proof of a lady soccer player and then the bottom right is a Tuskegee Airman Roscoe Draper. Very happy with the relics! Again, if anyone wants a complete set of this product, just let me know, all I'll ask is for you to pay shipping. I currently have 3 hand collated and once I do some more sorting I may have 2-3 more. I really like this product and it's cheap enough to buy hobby boxes and the like to get the hits at a reasonable rate.

Finally, I got a box of 2013 Panini USA Baseball. This is another underrated product in my humble opinion... For right at $40 you get a total of 6 hits and the autograph checklist is pretty impressive. Some of these Team USA guys are really starting to get drafted and the value is going to go up as guys make the majors. Here's my hits:
That's Jameson Taillon first up out of /800. Then a red auto Jose Trevino out of just /25! He's a Rangers prospect who had a decent run at short-season low A ball last year after being drafted. The redemption is for a vet, Jason Veritek. It shows to be expired but it ran through on Panini's website. I've found they still honor most expired redemptions (unlike Topps). Finally my relics are three guys I haven't heard of really, but I'll look them up for sure: Randal Grichuk, Carson Sands and Albert Almora. 

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Most of this is trade bait, so let me know if you're interested!


  1. Wow, looks like you did pretty well with those. I was thinking of picking some up as filler as well, though I never ordered, but I'm glad to see you can do ok. Will you please let me know if the Lousma is available for trade? He was a Michigan football player!

  2. Maybe we can start a trade for that Taillon.