Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Heck of a Secret Santa!

I signed up for the Crackin Wax Elfster Gift exchange again this year! I pulled a fellow Astos collector and sent him a big goodie box. I was fortunate to get Tom O. and if any of you have gotten packages from him before, you know how generous he is! Here's a look at the loot! 
Ooopo... What's inside?!?!
Wrapped and all!
Box of loose singles, Triple Theeads base and such!
A blaster! With Ryne Sandberg commemorative patch!
A freakin sweet Astros hat! And finally:
A couple of sweeeeet McFarlanes of my Astros! 
Thanks Tom!!!!


  1. You're welcome! Happy Holidays and what not. Glad you liked the Astros stuff. The hat was my favorite!

  2. McFarlanes! I love seeing posts featuring sports figures. Happy New Year!