Monday, December 15, 2014

eBay Pick-ups!

A couple of cheap eBay pick ups I've forgotten to post!
Dallas had a BREAKOUT year this past season and I hope he keeps up the success! He won the pitcher's Gold Glove award in the AL, which I think is pretty cool. Got this card for like $5, couldn't believe the seller accepted my offer! This is a product I will be sniping cards off eBay for rather than buying boxes. I like Supreme but these days the risk is too much for my wallet.

Next up, a Marlin... wait? Why a Marlin? Well because traded for this prospect last year and I'm glad we did!
Don't get me wrong, I liked Jared Cosart but I really think Moran has a chance to be something special. He'll probably be at AAA this year with hopes of him and Correa forming the left side of the infield in 2016. Another under $5 pick-up, kind of crazy how autos and relics are so "normal" these days that two cards like the ones in this post can be had for $10. I'll take it!

Thanks for stopping by, I've added cards to my TRADE BAIT page, so please click and see what I've got available!

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