Saturday, December 20, 2014

Collector Crate! December Edition

Well, I am desperately trying to get the video uploaded but each time I try it says that it's going to take 800+ minutes. I don't know why. Maybe my upload speed is crap. But here are the highlights as far as cards going into the trade bait!
I got a box of 2007 Ultimate Collection. Looking at the checklist, I think I may have gotten one of the crappiest boxes EVER. If I went to DACardworld and paid $170 for this, I'd be PISSED. But it was a fun bust.

These (6) cards represent the (3) autos and (3) relics that come standard in any Gold Level Collector Crate. One could argue these (6) are better than the (3) I got in the Ultimate Collection box. Am I bitter? Of course not...

The great people over at Collector Crate threw in the Puckett RC. A nice card indeed, and as usual they threw in their monthly sketch card, this month it's Mike Trout. My scanner sucks and gobbled up the left edge of both the Puckett and Trout, meh.

Another fun month of busting cards from Collector Crate. There were 10 loose packs as well, but nothing came out of them that were exciting enough to throw up here on the blog. If I ever get YouTube to upload the stupid video, you'll see them all!


  1. I like that Markakis / Butler autograph card, although I agree that overall the Ultimate Collection box is not nearly $170 worth of cards.

  2. Nice pinstripe on that Atkins! But definitely not worth $170.

  3. That's cool that you ended up with the Ultimate box. The dual autograph is pretty nice. Also like the Clark and Bagwell relics... and of course the Puckett rookie.

  4. I'm interested in the Holmberg auto. Please email me at