Thursday, December 4, 2014

Black Friday Shopping - Card Style!

So a couple weeks ago I picked up a box of 2012 Panini Americana Heroes & Legends. For Black Friday, Dave & Adam's had boxes on sale! So I picked up a couple more and a blaster. The blasters are great because that's where I've found a majority of the NASA relics that I now have plus you are guaranteed a relic hit out of them! So, all told I should expect 7 hits and that's just what I got! In the first box I beat the odds and got two autos (one of which I will cherish forever) and in the second I got two relics and an auto.

Here's the relic hits:
Whoa! Got a George H.W. Bush relic! That's staying here in my collection, along with that Hope Solo relic! I have no clue who Lauren Cheney is, so that one may be trade bait if anyone is interested. As is the Eugene Richardson, as this is a duplicate within my collection, pretty crazy that I ended up with 2 of the 239 copies of this card from random box purchases! I was pretty excited on the Bush relic, I find Presidential memorabilia to be pretty cool. The Hope Solo probably would have sold pretty nicely in 2012, but I like having a nice relic like this of a famous player who I watched in the World Cup and Olympics.

Ok, now on to the autographs! I was REALLY excited about these!!!!
First of all, Cat Osterman the women's softball phenom. I still kick myself for trading away my first ever Topps Redemption, an auto of Cat's from Allen & Ginter. Wish I remembered who I traded that to, and see if I could trade for it back! But the BIG super awesome auto in this trio is Gene Kranz. I've explained my affinity for the NASA program before, so I won't again but this auto will fit wonderfully into the collection! I now have the Gene Kranz auto, relic and auto/relic from this set! This auto is numbered out of just /49 copies!!!! So pumped to end up with this one from a pack I pulled! Finally there is Katie Hoff, the wife has pulled a couple of her autos from 2011 Americana, so it's familiar, although this one has her in action in the Olympics. The Cat and Gene are staying here in the collection, but the Hoff could definitely be had.

If anyone has any of the astronaut relics from this set up for trade, let me know! Thanks for stopping by!

I have updated my TRADE BAIT page and I also have (2) complete sets of the 2012 Panini Americana Heroes & Legends for trade/sale if anyone is interested in a set.


  1. Hey! I am interested in getting a trade going. I can dig up some cards for your collection.

  2. You did really well. Congrats on the great boxes!

  3. The Gene Krantz takes the cake here. Ed Harris!

  4. Fantastic Kranz auto. I need one of those for my desk at work!