Monday, November 17, 2014

What Do You Get for Carlos Pena?

A guy I follow in Twitter, @PaulWoodin1, had posted a picture of (2) of the /10 Carlos Pena jumbo relics from last year's museum collection. He was asking if anyone else had any of the others. I had one. I really didn't care for Carlos and he wasn't here in Houston even a full season, so I had to qualms letting go of it as I also had a couple of the other higher numbered parallels of the same card. So we struck a deal. Here's my loot:
I don't ACTIVELY go after any more Roy Oswalt cards, but if someone has one and are offering up, I'll take it if I don't already have it. Roy had a decent career, don't think he'll get a sniff at the HOF but I think he'll go down as one of the best Astros pitchers and was pretty clutch in my memory. Wesley Wright, it was nice knowing you, I'm not sure if he's still in baseball or not.
This was the clincher of the deal. I'd been wanting a Kent Emanuel auto and finally came across one in a trade! I think this guy may just pan out as a decent arm at the back of a rotation in a couple of years.

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