Sunday, November 16, 2014

Twitter, eBay and a Break... how I've been filling my time...

So since I stopped blogging, the trades and interaction with you fine folks really came to a screeching halt. How else is a guy to get Astros cards? Well, I did a lot of hunting on eBay, picking up very specific cards, like the one below:
A SWEEEEEET card from the height of the Astros "glory days". Clemens, Lidge and Pettitte in Astros uniforms, just awesome!

Like I said in my I'm Back post... I was very active on twitter. Some poor sap would get the Astros in a Random Team break and end up with a "junk" like this:
On Twitter: Yea, I'd gladly take that off your hands Mr. Twitter Guy. $20? I guess I won't haggle, I mean he's an Astro so it's a crappy card right???? No one else wants it, but whatever, I'll throw you a 20 and be done with it... (Inside my head: YES YES YES YES YES YES, I got a Biggio auto/relic #'ed /49 for only $20!!!!!!!!!) Don't know why that was in my head, since this was a twitter interaction, but I spared the Hotwit the loss of hearing by not yelling it at the top of my lungs.

And then finally, group breaks. I really like the guys over at Friendly Box Breaks. They do affordable random style breaks of all kinds of products. In my boredom one night, I snagged a spot in an oddball product that is absolutely non-sports as you can get, but they try to make it sporty by throwing a soccer ball on it and the words WORLD CUP... gentlemen (and whatever my lesbian card collecting audience might be) for your viewing pleasure...
Bench Warmer... what a great name for a set... apparently they just sign up models to take pictures in skimpy clothing and then sign the cards. Am I complaining? Not one bit.  Oh, you card collecting super nerds want to know how the back of the card is designed? What fonts they use? etc, etc??? Well, who am I to deny you from appreciating the fine work of the Bench Warmer's editorial staff???
Yep, she's looking like she's ready for a soccer match for sure...

You pigs. ;)

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