Thursday, November 20, 2014

Please Help If You Can

Hey everyone, I know I just came back and I normally don't do this kind of stuff. BUT... a good friend of mine, former co-worker Julie... her son was in a car accident last month. He suffered some major head trauma. He is a senior in high school and while he has made it out of the hospital, he is completely having to re-learn how to walk & talk in rehab so he can hopefully get back to school soon. He's a great kid and couldn't have a greater family with his mom and dad. I put a widget in my side bar if you want to check it out. But if any of you oh so generous bloggers can help this family, I'd be very grateful. Literally every dollar helps. If you can't see the widget on the side bar, just click this link:

Again, thanks for just stopping by and reading this.

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