Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Picked Me Up A Cheap Box or Two!

I saw Dave and Adam were having a sale and picked up a box for myself and a box for the wife! I was a huge fan of Americana Heroes and Legends, mainly because of the NASA Astronaut relics and autographs. For $45 I took a chance at pulling something historic!
Ok, so while not historic, I did end up with some great cards! The Fernandez is a PROOF numbered out of just /99, the Lindsey is a gold parallel numbered out of /159 and the Jansen is out of just /99! Not bad at all! I may keep the Jansen as I remember that Lillehammer Olympics quite vividly & remember watching the race that won him the gold (finally!). Although all three are at "TRADE BAIT" status for now!

As for the wife, I picked up a box of Season 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey cards! She loves the show, I'm not sure I quite get it, but apparently it's pretty popular. I tried one episode and really, anything British gets me sleepy... but she beat the odds and got 3 hits! Two autos and a dual relic!
Not a bad haul from Dave and Adam's!


  1. Was that a 2012 box of Americana? I'm always a sucker for Olympic stuff, and Americana always seems to at least have a couple Olympic athletes each year. Might have to pick some up myself :)

  2. Super down w/ Downton Abbey. Gonna have to pick me up some.