Saturday, November 15, 2014

Group Break Results... These Aren't the Ast-Droids You're Looking For

Ok, forgive the lame title and stretch into a Star Wars reference... but I joined a group break over at for a half case of Triple Threads, of course I picked my beloved Astros. It took well over a month and a half to fill the break, and during the course of it all the owner and I exchanged some e-mails about refunds and fear it'd never fill. Anyways, in the end he felt bad it took so long to fill and said he'd throw in a surprise for me once it broke. So... the break went down and the Astros fell completely cardless. So, for my $29.00 buy-in, I ended up with some more TRADE BAIT!!!!
So, all three of these are available...

By the way, I'm running into a problem with comments on this blog, and comments I'm leaving on others blogs; where comments are posting but the blog owner's e-mail rejecting the comment e-mail and the comment leaver getting a rejection e-mail. If you get that e-mail, send me a note at so I know you left a comment!

Going to try and start showing off some of my pick ups over the last 6-7 months... got a lot of new stuff... mainly Biggio but several other awesome cards as well!

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