Sunday, November 16, 2014

Clowning Around

Alright, I promise, eventually the bad puns in my post titles will stop, I just haven't been writing in a long time and the puns are just stacked up...

Here's another twitter purchase, think I picked up these two for $5 delivered... you really kind find some great deals on twitter if you have the patience and stay focused on what you're looking for!
A nice 4 color swatch of the 4 round pick! And then a patch auto of our 4th rounder this past year! Neither have done anything really significant this year, in fact Clowney has been a complete disappointment so far; hopefully that changes today in Cleveland!

Next up we have another $5 twitter purchase! I'm telling you, people just want a little cash to unload their lesser hits, works great for an Astros collector!!!!
They cut off Fowler's head!!!! Ok, I get it Panini, you can't show logos but that doesn't mean you can't show the helmet... whatever, there's a reason it and Towles' autos can be had for $5! I like the design of the cards for Prizm, the lack of logos is just a killer for me.

Finally, a couple cards I picked up out of group breaks!
I decided I was done buying full boxes of Triple Threads after last year, and while it is fun to open a lot of times it's a complete swing and a miss. Most of the times I can get the Astros in a group break on half a case for under $20, it's worth the risk. A nice /9 Gonzo auto (I was STOKED when I saw him on the check list as an Astro, not so much when I saw Pudge Rodriguez on there as an Astro). L.J. Hoes is a curious case. He could be a decent 4th outfielder, but I definitely don't see him as a "Future Phenom". This should have been Singleton, Keuchel, Springer or even Robbin Grossman on this card. Just my two cents.

Have a great day of watching football everyone!

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