Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Got an unexpected package in the mail yesterday from Panini! I had submitted a Jeff Bagwell redemption a little while back from their Pastime set that I bought off eBay!
That my friends is how you do an unlicensed product. Great design. On card autograph. Big open area for the autograph. Find a picture where you can crop it in close and then have his sunglasses rest across the hat logo that would have been obscured anyways. LOVE this card! And that's without even mentioning that it's numbered out of just 75!


  1. Awesome card! Hopefully he will get in the hall of fame soon.

  2. Nice, awesome pick up! I redeemed a Varitek, hopefully it's half as cool whenever I finally get it.

  3. Nice card. I'm waiting on a Greg Maddux redemption from this set.

  4. I just got back a Evan Gattis auto redemption from Panini. I was surprised at how quick they got that card in my hands after I redeemed it.