Saturday, April 5, 2014


Ok, so trade night was tonight... things got crazy... but before I even get to those things, I picked up the mail along the way and got this AMAZING CARD in from eBay!
Sorry it didn't scan all that well, I kept it in the magnet case! OMG.... AWESOME.... back side:
What an amazing book! I am SUPER pumped to have this in my collection now. Easily the centerpiece of my Biggio collection!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

And in a separate package, I picked up this nice relic:
I was hoping to pick one of these up for a long time and finally found one at a price I liked and pulled the trigger!

Ok, so that is pretty great and all... here's where it gets crazier... trade night. Lots of product being busted and the wife & I went a little crazy with it being our last trade night in Alabama (most likely we'll be moving to Amarillo in about a month or so...). So the card shop owners have become great friends, and I'm telling you, you'll never find more genuine, honest and great guys. I'm really going to miss them and their shop. They presented me with the following as a thanks for hanging around and spending a ridiculous amount of money over the last 2.75 years:
WHAT?!?!?! Yea, I was floored. I did my best to not completely geek out and be appreciative. These guys have been like brothers to me and they know I've had my eye on this card for about 2 of the 2.75 years I've been here! Wow, awesome card. Can't believe it still. BigHitSportsCards, just an awesome shop.

But like many informercial salesmen I have to say, "But wait, there's more..." There was trade night! Pack wars! Boxes being busted! I won a prize ($50 off my tab) but the bigger thrill was some of the great cards I pulled... from a couple boxes of Triple Threads (the Walker is from a group break and came in the mail today as well):
Lots of great looking cards there! That Giants trio is numbered /9! Anyways, I love Triple Threads and all of the base cards in the boxes were ones I needed as well! If nothing else, I've got myself a bunch of decent trade bait!

Alright, you'd think that's it, but it's not... the wife got to ripping Golden Age and Goodwin... and we pulled this RARE redemption!
WHOA! Lucky!!!!!! We've redeemed it, although instantly regretted it as it may ship right about the time we move, depending on UD speedy-ness. May have to go in an change my address to one where I know it's not going to change between now and then! But a freaking sweeeeeeeeeet stroke of luck.

She didn't do too shabby on the Golden Age either:
Tatum O'Neal! That's the second auto of hers we've pulled, sold the first for $80! Great looking autos, even got a jockey! The relics are sweet too, Grace Kelly, Knute Rockne, Yogi Berra and Barry Williams. That Eve Plumb is a white bordered SP! 

I also went with one box of Museum Collection, not the greatest results but definitely more trade bait!!!
That Billingsly is out of just 10 while the Gwynn is out of /25! Not too bad! 

Ok, so one more... I picked up a box of 2009 UD Signature Stars just because it was cheap and why the heck not... here's what I got:
Kolten Wong, I've at least heard of him! Tony Wolters, not so much... oh, and Daniel Murphey, not too bad either! Solid box for the price I paid for it.... oh wait, this box guaranteed 4 hits, you say? Where's the 4th hit? Oh, just this catcher from Team USA, have you heard of him?????

AND BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first ever Bryce Harper auto pull!!!!! Out of a cheap throw away purchase just to open something different! WHOA!!!!! I instantly had a guy asking if I'd trade it away. I don't think so, think I'm holding onto this one for a while! 

That'll wrap up today's mail and trade night post. Sorry for all the scans, just couldn't hold back on showing stuff off!!!!!!!!! 

If there is anything you're interested in trading for on here, by all means please let me know. And Wes (Jaybarkerfan's Junk), it was great seeing you again tonight at trade night here in Mobile! Had a blast and hope you enjoyed it once again! 

Ok, off to try and get some sleep.... wow... what a night!


  1. So we need to talk about two things - that Avisail Garcia redemption, and ant Golden Age dupes you may have.

  2. Wow! Those are some AMAZING cards! Congrats!

  3. Holy smokes! CONGRATS on the great cards.

  4. Nice hits all around especially the Murphy, Familia, Dickey, Gyorko, and Walker. The Harper's not too bad either. Love the Mets past and present and as a Mets fan stuck in Pirates land have to like the Walker. Gyorko is a fellow WVU alum so I try to follow him. If your ever looking to part with any of these hit me up and see if we can work out a trade. You can check out my blog and trade bait at

  5. Great cards, that Biggio is amazing and who wouldn't want a Harper auto, I actually like the USA version a lot.

    I am super interested in that Giants triple relic card. Not sure what I have in tradebait for it but maybe a cash + card exchange. Drop me a note if it is available.

  6. The Harper is easily my favorite. I love that he's a catcher on that card. I sometimes forget that when he was drafted the Nats moved him to the OF.

  7. Congrats on the Harper and Ryan autos! And that Biggio is sweeeeeet!

  8. Wow, what a post!! The Biggio card is sweet! The Harper is a huge pull! I don't blame you for holding onto that one. It's a really cool card although I'm surprised it's number /899.

    If you don't work out a deal for the Walker relic, I'm definitely interested in that. Also interested in the Gwynn quad relic depending on asking price. My trade bait page is still not complete on my blog, but I'll continue working on that.

  9. Having seen most of your ridiculously sick hits, that Biggio is certain at the top of the list. That thing is insane. That sounded like a heck of a trade night too. Nice pulls!

    I'm probably interested in taking that Doubront off your hands too ;P