Sunday, March 23, 2014

2011 Gypsy Queen Photo Show Off!

A fellow 2011 Gypsy Queen collectory, Ryan, (@RyansPitch) and I got to chatting about the set the other day, and he was curious if I had pictures of my complete collection of mini and full sized relic from the set, as well as my autograph set that is only (4) autos away from completion at this point! Well, I grabbed the iPhone and took some shots, hope everyone enjoys this a bit!

Wow, that's a bunch of cards! And yes, that Sandberg at the end is a 10! Well, hope you all enjoyed!


  1. That's a heck of a collection!

  2. Now just for a reminder, your card room is upstairs, 2nd door on the right, and the garage entry code is 15646, correct?

  3. Very impressive!! Pretty cool to look at as well

  4. Gypsy Queen rules! Very nice collection... thanks for sharing.