Sunday, February 9, 2014

More New Stuff!

Here are some recent pick ups... random cards from trades, purchases, trade night at the LCS and eBay... I realized after I packed up all the cards that I scanned the wrong JD Martinez auto relic /50, they were sitting together on the desk and I should have scanned the one with him in the red Astros jersey batting rather than the white fielding... oh well, you get the point!
How about that Biggio!!! From the "s" on the jersey and numbered /9! Got that from my LCS, who used my store credit from trade bait sales... The Nolan!!! How about /10 from Tribute?!?!?! Sweeet looking card! That's a book on the bottom with Roger and Randy. Panini listed them both as "Houston Baseball Club" players but then used an Arizona swatch for Randy. Nice idea though Panini. It's a sweet looking book, just got to find a way to store it now!

Anyways, thanks for stoping by everyone!