Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mixed up in JayBarkerFan's Randomizer?

Apparently, I was the lucky one to get thrown into Wes at JayBarkerFan's Junk random box of fun randomizer this month... I got an unexpected package from Wes and it held a treasure trove of Astros stuff! Wes, thanks again for an oh so generous stack of Astros. I've hand picked out some of my favorites to scan in!
Some great cards here! A Singleton auto! SWEET! Carlos Lee manu-patch? Not too shaby! The highlight to me though is the Moises Alou PATCH relic! There is a small blue piece there, I'm not sure what jersey this came from, who knows, it may not even be an Astros jersey, but it's a great card from a player that I don't have a whole lot of in my collection! Thanks Wes!

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