Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mail Updates

Bet you all thought I stopped bloggin' again eh?

Stuff has been busy lately. I spent last weekend in Amarillo looking for a new home. Working those details out now, should be moving in the next month or two. Part of this means a cut back in the card budget... booooo!!!! But hopefully once we get up there and start settling in, the budget will get upped again.

Anyways, stopped by the LCS they had up there in the area and boy was I disappointed. Currently, you can go on and get a hobby box of 2013 Topps Triple Threads for $135.95. The LCS in that locale had them at $280 for a hobby box, but he'd "do me a deal" at $260. I politely declined. I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of online ordering... not happy about it, but I'm not going to get ripped off just to "support a local business". Sorry, just can't justifying double cost purchases...

On to a more pleasant topic... mail!!!!! A couple of redemptions, a prize winning and a cheap eBay pick up!
Here is a die-cut Kemp I won in a twitter contest! I'm pretty sure most of my Dodgers guys already have this, but if not it's definitely available!
Here is the cheap eBay pick-up... as pretty much any J.D. Martinez card is going to be cheap these days... I need some help people! I have two rainbows I'm completing (or trying to!!!)

UAJR-JM1 - Missing 1/1, /10 and /75
UAJR-JM2 - Missing /99    ---- Seriously, the highest printrun, I can't find it anywhere!!!!

Here's the first of two redemptions! Lance McCullers is a hot prospect that should shoot up through the minors. He had a great year last year and I hope he can get to AA or maybe even AAA this year. Great autograph too!

Finally, a holy grail type redemption card for me... a sweeeeeeeeet Triple Auto Triple Relic numbered /27!
Bask in the glory folks.... beautiful card! Three GREAT second basemen. Although I challenge Phillips and Pedroia to go spend a few years of their career at Catcher and CF...

Sorry it's been so long everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You'll need to roadtrip in to OKC. There are several LCS here, a monthly mini-show, and a larger bi-monthly show.

  2. I agree. Double over internet prices is WAY too much. I don't mind spending a little extra to support my LCS, but what he was asking was ridiculous.

  3. I third that - I understand the brick and mortar may have more expenses, but there is no way his basic costs warrant a price like that.

    BTW - you best update us of your new mailing address. I would hate to mail all my 'Stros to some stranger.

  4. I do not have that Kemp yet. If you'd like to send it, I can scare up some parallel/insert type Astros -- yes, I think they really do make those.