Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mail Day!

We didn't get any mail Wednesday or Thursday due to the weather conditions, apparently USPS doesn't live up to their motto any more. Jerks. So I had a very full mailbox Friday when I got home from work. Here's the cardboard highlights:
How about some Jarred Cosart Finest action? I hadn't picked up anything of Mr. Cosart so far, mainly because most of his stuff was Phillies related. So, I saw some cheap auctions pop up lately and snagged these. The top two came in a lot, but with different swatches, I'm happy. Apparently they are from the same style shirt he's wearing in the photo, so that yellow swatch is right about his arm pit. There you go folks, I own an armpit swatch! The orange is #/ed out of 99, and a considerably thicker card than the other two. While it isn't a patch, the piece of jersey is considerably thicker. I'm thinking it may be from around the bottom of the jersey or part of the thick sections near the button holes. Best guess...
Finally, another silk to add to the collection, and a parallel of Biggio from America's Pastime numbered to just /25!!!!

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