Sunday, January 5, 2014

Trade Night! EXCITING STUFF!!!!

So my LCS had their monthly Trade Night last night. Had a BLAST! Opened some great stuff. I'll start with a couple of actual trades I ended up swinging while I was there. The Pence and Bagwell/Biggio below were coupled with an autographed Jonathan Singleton baseball bat!
The Posey is a nice die cut relic. I'd take a pic of the bat, but that's a lot of effort on a Sunday morning and I'd rather you all just try to imagine how awesome it is... it IS pretty awesome... 

Alright, now for the "holy crap, I can't believe I pulled this" section of the post...

I have two cards that I pulled from Triple Threads last night that just blow my mind. I definitely think one is more awesome than the other... but I don't know which one to show off first.... I guess I'll start with an AWESOME BIGGIO!!!!
Yes, that IS numbered 2/3.... and has a SWEEEEEEEEEET PATCH!!!!! Always awesome to pull something that you actually collect! I couldn't believe it! I was SOOO pumped when I slow rolled the reveal to see the Astros logo first, then the Biggio auto, then the 2/3 and finally the patch! There was a small round of applause in the shop (seriously, people applaud others big pulls, especially when it's something like this). It was great. The 1/3 sold on eBay already and the 3/3 is up for sale, but I can 100% say this is staying in my collection! Great picture of Biggio, great looking card and it scanned pretty nicely.

OK, so as awesome as that card is, you're probably wondering what could be close to as awesome. Well, I pulled my first BOOK CARD!!!! It was the last mini-box of Triple Threads that I opened (different master box from the Biggio though). I could tell once I pulled the foil wrappered pack out of the mini box that there was a book inside. It was ultra thick. The autograph in the pack was Evan Longoria /99. Not bad at all. And then there was this!

So here's the outside cover of the book! WOW!!!!
And the inside, the relics!!!!
The A-Rod and Berra are patches. The card is numbered 2/9 (Jeter's number). Honestly, a SWEEEEET card even if it does have A-Rod. I couldn't believe my luck! Great, great, great card to pull! There was another round of applause. This just capped off a great night! I was very excited to walk out the door with the Biggio, to add the Yankees book was just awesome. I haven't decided whether to keep this or sell it. I had a cash offer while we were in the store. I am no Yankees fan, but I admire Gehrig and to have a piece of bat of his alone is pretty cool. Maybe this is one I hold onto, since it's the first book I've ever pulled.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!


  1. Wow! Those are some amazing Triple Threads cards! Congrats!

  2. Gossage never received a plate appearance in his career with the Yankees. But, I do notice on the back it says "the relics on this card are not from any specific game, event, or season". So, I guess I'll give Topps a pass on this one. Still makes me wonder why they would use bat for the Goose relic.

    Regardless, very cool book. Although, the Biggio is outstanding. Definitely the goods.

  3. Sweet cards, great pulls. Congrats!